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Our audiologists on staff offer audiological testing and assessment services to our patients. They are board certified and licensed by the state of Ohio. Our audiologists are professionally trained to provide diagnostic testing and rehabilitation for people with hearing impairment. The improvement of hearing aid technology in the past few years has made it possible to help the hearing impaired to better enjoy and participate in their life. The Hearing Center Services include:


•Audiological Evaluations. This examination provides physicians and audiologists a measure of the patient are hearing sensitivity. This information can be essential in the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the ear.


•Oto-acoustic Emissions. OAE testing is an objective hearing procedure for infants, children or persons with impaired mental or physical capabilities.


•Immittence Testing. These measures provide the physicians and health professionals information regarding the function of the middle ear system and Eustachian tube functioning.


•Hearing Aid Dispensing and Services. We dispense and repair many different types, styles and brands of hearing instruments. In addition, we provide consultations and counseling to those individuals who are interested in learning more about hearing aids. Routine hearing aid maintenance checks are offered as well. We carry many hearing aid supplies such as batteries, cleaning tools and dry boxes.


•Assistive Listening Devices. We dispense various devices and sound enhancing accessories that are designed for the special needs of the hearing impaired. Many of the new hearing instruments are capable of Bluetooth or radio signal transmission. Telephone, television or alerting devices are available to assist hearing impaired individuals in difficult listening situations.


•Ear Protection. Whether it is for noise protection or water protection, we have several different custom styles and options available. For over the counter solutions, we carry Doc’s proplugs, headbands and ER 20 High-fidelity plugs.


If you have any questions about the services that Gateway Hearing Center has to offer please contact us at (330) 422-1825 or email us at Visit us at 9304 State Route 43 Suite B Streetsboro, OH 44241. Or fax us at (330) 422-1826.

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