Check Your Hearing

Take a look at our check list with symptoms for hearing loss:


I have a problem hearing over the phone.


I have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time.


I have trouble understanding things on TV.


I have to strain to understand conversations.


I have ringing in my head or ears.


I have to worry about missing a telephone ring or doorbell.


I have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy background such as a crowded room or restaurant.


I get confused about where sounds come from.


I misunderstand some words in a sentence and need to ask people to repeat themselves.


I especially have trouble understanding women and children.


I have trouble understanding the speaker in a large room such as a meeting or place of worship.


Many people I talk to seem to mumble (or don’t speak clearly).


People get annoyed because I misunderstand what they say.


I have a feeling of fullness in my ears or they feel blocked.


I misunderstand what others are saying and make inappropriate responses.


I avoid social activities because I can’t hear well and fear I will reply improperly.


I am experiencing dizziness or balance problems.


Family members and friends have told me they think I may have a hearing loss.


Delayed speech and language development in children.


If you answered yes to any of the above symptoms, please call us for an appointment today. If you have any questions about the services that Gateway Hearing Center has to offer please contact us at (330) 422-1825 or email us at Visit us at 9304 State Route 43 Suite B Streetsboro, OH 44241. Or fax us at (330) 422-1826.

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